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Ahead of the Old Firm derby in Scotland this weekend, GamCare is joining up with former Scotland, Aston Villa, Birmingham City and Rangers Manager Alex McLeish, to highlight the current support that is available in Glasgow for anyone struggling with gambling. 

Since 2018, the charity has supported over 500 people in the Glasgow area to combat the emotional and physical side-effects often connected with gambling.

It is sponsored by GambleAware and offers a 24/7 telephone helpline available every day of the year. In addition, the charity offers free, confidential treatment sessions in the Glasgow area, either online or in person.

Some statistics offered by GamCare show that more men in Glasgow speak to local advisors about gambling issues than women, with a ratio of 77% to 22%. Moreover, 39% of people seeking help are under the age of 35, which the charity feels is a highlighted reminder of how susceptible young adults can be to gambling-related harms.

McLeish commented: “I am pleased to be backing this campaign to raise awareness of GamCare and the work they do to help anyone struggling with gambling in Glasgow. It is important people know where they can turn for help, should they need it.

“Gambling is prevalent in the football industry, so I am really keen to ensure people know where and how to seek help should they have an issue.”

Recent research by GamCare shows that over six million Brits know someone with a gambling issue. And that a quarter of Brits admit to regretting a bet they have previously placed.

GamCare highlights five warning signs to look out for if you are concerned about someone else’s gambling. Do they show signs of withdrawal? Is their mood changing? Are they having sleep problems? Financial signs can naturally be a big indicator of gambling problems, and finally lying about what someone is doing with their time.

Lisa-Marie Patton, GamCare Scotland Team Leader, added: “At GamCare, we know that people in Glasgow who use our services can find it difficult to enjoy live sports, particularly games such as the Old Firm derby.

“With potentially more temptation this weekend ahead of the game, there’s an added importance that people know where they can turn to if they need support with their gambling.”

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