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Game gede Togel Singapore 2020 – 2021. Jackpot terbesar lainnya dapat diamati secara berkala via kabar yang kita sisipkan dalam situs ini, lalu juga dapat dichat pada teknisi LiveChat support kita yg siaga 24 jam On the internet untuk mengservis semua kepentingan para bettor. Ayo cepetan join, & menangkan promo Lotto serta Live Casino Online terbesar yg tersedia di tempat kami.

A Virginia woman recently decided to play the lottery “on a whim.” She was up, while others were in bed, and purchased a ticket.

Then, when Robin Meador realized how much she had just won, she wasn’t able to celebrate with anyone. Any human that is.

“Everyone else was asleep,” she told lottery officials. “So I had no one to share it with except my cat!”

Meador had reason to celebrate as she won over $386,239, lottery officials say. She didn’t even leave her house or choose numbers. She decided that night to go with the state’s “Easy Pick” option which chose numbers for her in an online ticket purchase option.

Meador was able to match all five numbers in the game for the Feb. 21 drawing, with her winning numbers being 6-9-15-23-33, according to officials.

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 749,398.

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