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Centra Summerhill also sold the winning €1,000,000m ticket in the Millionaire’s Raffle ticket on New Years Eve

The National Lottery has confirmed that the winning lotto ticket for last Wednesday’s €4,687,612 Lotto jackpot was sold at the Centra store in Summerhill.

The Meath player became the second Lotto jackpot winner of the year after scooping the €4.6 million amount on Wednesday night.

The Centra store in the village of Summerhill is no stranger to big wins. The local store recently sold the top prize winning ticket in the New Year’s Eve Millionaire Raffle draw.

Shop owner Geoff Scally was shocked to hear that he had another customer who had become an overnight millionaire so soon after the 31st December draw.

“We still get customers from far and wide saying congratulations for selling the Millionaire Raffle ticket from New Year’s Eve so I’d say our regulars will be both shocked and delighted to see that we’ve had another big winner in the community.

“I had seen news online that the jackpot ticket was sold in Meath but I never guessed that it was our store. I was totally surprised when I got the call from the National Lottery with the good news so I can only imagine how the winner must have felt checking their ticket after Wednesday’s draw.

“I truly hope that it brings the winner great luck and that they really enjoy their win and their new title as a Lotto jackpot winner!”

The National Lottery has confirmed that the Meath winner has made contact and arrangements are now being made for them to claim their life-changing prize.

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