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It’s pretty much everyone’s dream to win the lottery, but the reality of this actually happening is pretty farfetched.

So when one woman kept getting phone calls insisting she had won the lottery, she understandable thought it was a “scam”… only it wasn’t, and she had won the $72,580.50 (£54,870.92) jackpot.

The Australian from New South Wales had in fact just secured the jackpot from a ticket she purchased on February 25 for the Oz lotto draw.

Recalling the events led her to find out about her win, the lucky winner told the Lott that she assumed the unknown phone numbers and emails she didn’t recognise were part of the “scam.”

“I received some phone calls and emails straight after the draw, but I didn’t recognize the phone number or email, so I didn’t answer or take any notice!” she said.

“I said to myself, ‘It’s definitely a scam.”

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After initially ignoring the missed calls and messages, curiosity took over when she decided to take a look at her Lott account.

“I ignored the phone calls and emails for a few days, and then, eventually, I decided to log in to my online The Lott account.”

“It all started to make sense when I discovered I’d won.”

She’d only gone and won $72,580.50 (£54,870.92).

After ignoring multiple calls and emails, it was only when the woman logged into her Lott account where she discovered she had won the jackpotiStock Photo by Getty Images

Though the lucky winner has quite figured out what she will spend her winnings on – she’s just waiting for the money to get put into her bank before deciding.

“I’ll have to take everything in first and wait for the prize to land into the bank account before I can decide what I’ll spend it on, but I know it will go to good use.”

It’s not the first time a lottery winner has nearly missed out on their jackpot, another Australian woman from St Helena who mistakenly tossed out her winning $260,000 (£140,000) lottery ticket has her boyfriend to thank after he foraged through their bins to retrieve it.

Just goes to show, it’s always worth double-checking.

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